WATCH: OnlyFans Star Nikole Mitchell Critical Of Ban On Explicit Content

During the pandemic, website became a content vehicle for musicians, artists, and even adult entertainers to publish and generate revenue by charging fans for access to photos, videos, and other material. The site now boasts more than 130-million users, a majority of whom pay monthly subscription fees to their favorite stars. Many of the most popular creators on OnlyFans post videos of themselves participating in sexual activity - content the site has announced will be prohibited starting this October. Creators will still be allowed to post nude photos and videos, but must now comply with a new OnlyFans policy. The policy change is believed to be the result of pressure from financial institutions and outside investors.

Nikole Mitchell, one of the biggest stars on OnlyFans, generates a six-figure income in part from the site. Her story itself is fascinating - former pastor, mother, now life coach and model. Nikole joined The Scott Sands Show to talk about the free speech issues this new policy hits. Watch our Zoom conversation on the video below (scroll down) or listen on our free iHeartRadio app here.

Find her online: OnlyFans | Twitter | Instagram

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Click play on our video interview below.

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