Woman gets kicked off a flight. Not before mooning the other passengers.

Heads up: There's some NSFW language in this clip and a blurred butt. Thank goodness for that!

There's a First Class section on most flights. The No Class section is in the office of airport security.

This happened last month, but it's going viral now. A woman was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight, but she didn't go quietly. 

When she notices other passengers pointing their cell phones in her direction she tells them to "record all you [effing] want" . . . and then she TWERKS and MOONS the entire cabin.

That got the passengers shouting and heckling her, so she challenged one of them to fight her. Mostly, people just wanted her to leave . . . and when she did, they cheered.

Thanks to ViralHog for the video.

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