THIS is why I don't do Cruise Ships. Ship loses power, things fly around.

I've never been on a Cruise Ship. And I don't want to.

I'm sure many of you can attest to taking a cruise that was fun, luxurious and completely hassle free. I'm happy for you.

For me? Fly me to a beach where I can sit and relax and not have to worry about some of the things that I keep hearing about and seeing on video regarding Cruise Ship "nightmares".

Watch the video here where the ship temporarily loses power in some rough seas and see what happens when the navigation of the ship can't correct it's course.

A cruise ship off the coast of Norway lost power on Saturday and was drifting in the middle of some pretty rough seas. Somebody shot video of people dodging furniture and even getting hit by stuff falling from the ceiling.

There were 20 injuries, but none were serious. Some passengers were airlifted off, but most had to wait it out. The boat docked yesterday.

Get more here from CNN

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