Could you get away with a $250 Smart Phone instead of the $1,000 ones?

The link to the article is posted below. Bit it's time to really start asking ourselves if it's time to (pun intended) dial it back.

I've about reached my breaking point. Not to mention how expensive it is when your son often breaks his...

Smart Phones are everywhere. They've evolved and it's no lie we're all slaves to them. But the cost? I can't take it anymore.

We're a family of 5 and all of us are on the same plan. Talk, text, data etc. But it's not so much the plans anymore it's the phones that are driving up the monthly cost.

My kids are using iPhones due to the fact that the school issued iPads for each student that the Apple synergy makes sense. But it all comes a t huge cost.

I ran across this from Business Insider and it struck a cord with me. Do we really need the latest "super expensive" technology to get a fair amount of use and performance that we're tricked into believe we need?

This is not an endorsement of the Moto phone that's featured in this article. I just see it as a reminder that maybe, just maybe we (me) might be able to cut some costs and still get what we need in today's tech and social world.

Read the article from Business Insider here and ask yourself the serious questions.

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