Your Kids Are Better Than You

Don't know about your house, but in ours there are certain chores that come with "zero" compensation.

Others are negotiable and still might not come with compensation.  I'm pretty convinced free room and board are still motivating factors.

That said, some kids (thanks to their parents) are doing pretty well.

According to a new study, your kid probably got a better raise last year than you did.  The average kid between 4 and 14 saw a 3.7% bump in their allowance in 2018 compared to the 3% bump the average worker got.

Kids also SAVE a lot more of their money than we do.  Obviously their expenses are a lot lower.  But the average kid saves 42% of their money compared to 2.4% for adults.

Here are ten chores, and how much the average kid got paid for them last year . . .



1.  Washing the car, $4.60.


2.  Gardening, $4.34.


3.  Cleaning their bedroom, $2.71.


4.  Mopping, $2.33.


5.  Cleaning the bathroom, $1.82.


6.  Cleaning the kitchen, $1.72.


7.  Vacuuming, $1.52.


8.  Helping with dinner, $1.52.


9.  Dusting, also $1.52.


10.  Looking after the pets, $1.48. 

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