Hate Your Co-Workers When They Take Time Off?

A new survey asked people what happens when one of their coworkers takes a day off and, clearly, a lot of companies don't have a good plan in place . . .

1.  53% of people say it makes their day more stressful.

2.  41% say they have to do extra work to cover for their coworker who's out . . . without any extra pay, obviously.

3.  40% say the work they're covering doesn't always get done WELL.

4.  And 37% have grown to RESENT a coworker because of all the times they've had to cover for them.

The survey also found 56% of people feel GUILTY about taking time off and having someone cover for them . . . and 21% say the person who covers for them usually makes less money than them. 


And on a related note, a new study found women do about 10% more work than men . . . and they're also ASSIGNED 10% more work than men.

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