Look What I Got!

So I log on to facebook this morning, like most of us do, and this little ditty popped up on my screen.

I've got to tell you. Trust is gone. Not that we should just blindly trust that our information is always safe online, but still.  

I followed along with the instructions and was troubled to see just how much many of the apps I use and most of us use are capturing data I'm convinced should have no cause to do so.  I deleted a bunch of them and if you follow along in the instructions (links provided) you too will find out just who and what has your information and what they're doing with it.

Find Out If You Are A Victim HereWas your Facebook data shared with Cambridge Analytica? The political research firm harvested the personal information of roughly 87 million people to target American voters, using a personality quiz called “This Is Your Digital Life” that scraped the Facebook data of you and your friends. The revelation sparked big changes in the way Facebook handles third-party apps, and the social network recently started notifying users who had their information scooped up.

If you haven’t seen the prompt in your News Feed, you can check if your Facebook data was shared with Cambridge Analytica by logging into the network and visiting this help page. The section titled “Was my information shared?” explains whether your or your friends ever logged into the nefarious quiz, though it won’t name which friends handed over your data to the app.

While you’re at it, take the time to look over the other apps that you’ve granted access to your Facebook account, and disable any ones you no longer need. The Cambridge Analytica saga drives home how crucial it is to keep close rein on apps that hook into your social media accounts. Securing your personal data is more complicated than just running an antivirus suite and using a password manager to come up with unique logins for every site.

Curious to see what Facebook itself knows about you? Check out our guide to downloading your Facebook data, and if you feel uncomfortable about what you find, here’s how to delete, disable, or limit your Facebook account.

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