Today Is National Respect Your Cat Day. What?

Meet Clyde.  Clyde is our cat that rules the house and I'm convinced will kill me in my sleep.

Why?  Because he's a cat.  Cats are jerks and they know it.  They're good at it.  They own YOU, you don't own them.

So today is National Respect Your Cat Day, because of course it is...

But I'm not sure we needed a holiday to remind us to respect our cats.  According to a new survey of cat owners, we might just respect them a little TOO MUCH already.  Check this out . . .

1.  64% say they'd rather spend a quiet night alone with their cat than their significant other.

2.  37% say their cat "gets them" better than most of their actual human friends . . . and 40% would rather spend time with their cat than those friends.

3.  80% think they understand their cat just from its different meows.

4.  And one in five use their cat as an excuse to get out of doing things. 

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