OMG! I Need That Like Right NOW!

Admit it. We all do it. If we didn't, stores wouldn't place the candy at the checkout.

I did it just this past week with my son.  Out to get some stuff, go to check out and boom, two Resse Cups added (impulsed) to the list.

According to a new survey, the average American makes 156 impulse purchases a year.  And over the course of our life, we'll spend 324 THOUSAND DOLLARS on stuff we weren't planning to buy.

Here are the top five impulse buys we make . . .

1.  Food and groceries, 71% of us do it.  And 3 out of 4 Americans say they've bought candy at the register before.  That means 25% of us HAVEN'T?  (???)

2.  Clothing, 53%.

3.  Household items, 33%.

4.  Takeout food and delivery, 29%.

5.  Shoes, 28%.

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