Complete Waste Of The Court

I'm not one to buy into myths and urban legends. I'm of a skeptical nature for sure.  My wife and kids love watching ghost hunter shows, mysteries of the paranormal and for quite some time, my middle child and daughter was obsessed with the TV show "Finding Bigfoot" on Animal Planet.

I'm not allowed to be in the room when any of these shows are being watched because of my skeptical commentary. Or should I say, snarky commentary.

So when I see something like this, it kinda gets me going.  First off, if (and that's a giant if) Bigfoot really exists, don't ya think we would have had concrete proof by now.  Don't we have enough technology that could prove or disapprove the existence?  If we could read the numbers on a credit card from space, don't you think we could have put this to bed already?

Worse yet, now we're allowing our court resources to be taxed for this ridiculous reason.  Read on from the San Diego Tribune...

You know the only thing that's more American than seeing Bigfoot?  Filing a lawsuit about it.

A woman named Claudia Ackley from Crestline, in southern California swears she saw Bigfoot when she was hiking last March.  But she's upset that the state isn't taking her seriously.

So now, she's SUING California to try to make the state recognize that Bigfoot exists and classify him as a species.  She has a court hearing next month. 

(San Diego Union-Tribune)

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