One Last Look At "The Joe"

So as of right now, there is pretty much nothing left other than a partial shell of the once great hockey home of the Detroit Red Wings, Joe Louis Arena. These guys (and yes, the camera guy is kinda douchey, but the video content is pretty cool) managed to get in to Joe Louis Arena during its deconstruction. I imagine it was some time ago based on how much was still intact, but there is a nice aerial shot at the end showing the current state of "The Joe". I went to many hockey games there. It was pretty cool seeing some of the areas I had been in (the luxury suite, the Manhattan Room, etc. and to see the state they had decayed to. It was also kinda of sad. There were a lot of great memories there, for me and for the team that won four Stanley Cup Championships. It would probably be a little less sad if the current team didn't suck as much as they have the past few years.

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