No Cleveland Browns Game For Us On Toledo TV This Weekend

There are a lot of Cleveland Browns fans in the Toledo area and WTOL channel 11 knows this and is always happy to provide the game to us in NW Ohio when it is a CBS game. The NFL has some strange, outdated and somewhat convoluted broadcast TV rules that includes "flexing" games to other networks. AFC games are typically on CBS with NFC games typically on FOX. This weekend's Browns vs. Dolphins game has been "flexed" to FOX which means those of us in NW Ohio that rely on the over the air (OTA) broadcasts will not get to watch the Browns this weekend. FOX 36 locally will be showing the Detroit Lions game and our CBS affiliate, WTOL 11, is powerless to do anything since the game is no longer on their affiliated network. So bottom line is: no Browns game on any local Toledo television stations this weekend. Find and pal or support a local business that has the NFL Sunday ticket if you want to watch the Browns first game after their brawl with Pittsburgh last week which was also probably one of their biggest wins of the season.