Are Race Car Drivers Real Athletes?


Ever since auto racing has been a thing, the argument as to whether or not racing is an actual sport, or if race car drivers are real athletes has been around. While this Inside Science piece from ABC News makes some valid points, they probably could have used some actual race footage instead of the cheesy video game looking B-roll they used. I believe auto racing is a sport, but I would say not all race car drivers are athletes. I am not sure I would consider myself an athlete. Different levels of auto racing each rely on a certain skill set, so it is hard to make blanket statements. This ABC News piece makes the argument that racers are athletes because of the skills needed and the environment that can include close racing, extremely hot conditions and G forces. Heck, NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson ran the Boston Marathon the other day and finished in the top 15%. Bottom line is, I don't care if you consider racing a sport or race car drivers athletes. That doesn't really matter. All that matters is the folks such as me that are doing this week in and week out, are doing it because of the absolute exhilaration.



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