Dateline Intolerance Stunt Fails At NASCAR Race

With all the fake news that has been dominating media the past few years, it kind of pisses me off when a media outlet spreads unconfirmed or inaccurate stories. I don't consider myself a journalist, but I guess I am part of the media. I like to actually research a story before just regurgitating something I read or watched without vetting the information. Pretty much everyone should do that anyways instead of just believing a story simply because it aligns with your views. Fake news outlets feed on this. I think this happens way too much with politically related stories. I would have to say most major media outlets aren't in the business of intentionally spreading fake news. There are some that are, or at least have a certain bias. News used be reporting of just the facts. Some fake news comes out simply from laziness/lack of follow through in reporting to get the actual facts. And not all of that is entirely the journalists' fault as they are pressured to be the first to break the news. So time is of the essence, especially in today's digital age. 

OK, didn't mean to go on that rant, but now that I got that out of the way...I had never heard of this incident involving NBC's Dateline sending Muslim-looking men to a NASCAR race at Martinsville, VA back in the mid 2000s to do a segment on anti-Muslim sentiment in America which was still pretty high at the time only a few years following 9/11. I guess they thought a bunch of drunk rednecks would be a good crowd to evoke a response from. Unfortunately for Dateline, it seems no one bothered these men as they walked around according to NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston. Of course NASCAR did not take well to NBC's stunt to attempt to manufacture a story and seemingly stereotype NASCAR fans. 

I wouldn't consider Dateline's stunt as fake news, but more manufactured news. 

Here are a couple articles I found on this that are still available:



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