Anyone Remember Hong Kong Phooey?

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed (yeah I know, Facebook is so uncool according to my kid) and a buddy of mine had posted a comic book cover of Hong Kong Phooey which was one of those childhood cartoons I have vague memory of and sparked me to go back and do some digging on this show that I think I enjoyed watching. Just watching the theme song content left me with so many questions that the simpler childhood me would not have even considered. The first thing I thought was, is this culturally insensitive? In today's ultra sensitive world, I would think someone would be offended by it. 

I am not even sure how I remember this since I was only 2 years old when this show came out. I must have seen it in re-runs a few years later. And there were only 16 episodes made. There was supposed to be a movie with Eddie Murphy as the voice a few years ago. Not sure what happened with that. I guess it was cancelled. Check out the test footage below.

And then there was Sublime's cover of the theme song. Not as good as the original. But you can check that out further down this post as well. 

For some reason I have an urge to go back and watch some Underdog now. Who would win in a fight? Hong Kong Phooey or Underdog?



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