Bumblebee Movie Trailer

As a huge childhood fan of the original cartoon series from the 80's, I was super excited to discover a live action Transformers movie was going to be made back in 2007. As each subsequent movie (sequels) came out, I became less and less obsessed...mostly because of the way too much over the top absurdness of them where it was all about the ridiculous action and visual effects and not so much about the Transformers story. At least they did keep Peter Cullen for the voice of Optimus Prime. 

Now I see that a Bumblebee prequel is in the works with a different director and as much as I would like to get excited about that, the trailer gives me the feeling that this movie is going in the polar opposite direction of Bay's movies and more of a family/pull at your heartstrings kind of deal. I hope I am wrong. And from what I read, it seems they Transformers more resemble their original generation one appearances. 

I still say the best Transformers movie was 1986's animated Transformers: The Movie. 

"One shall stand, one shall fall."

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