Old Hammer's House Of Hair Artist ID's

So I used to host a hairband show that started back in the mid 90's called Hammer's House of Hair which ironically started about six months before Dee Snider's House of Hair hit the airwaves (oh yeah, I have an ID from Dee himself too). I talked to many bands during that period and got most of them to willingly do an artist ID for my show. There were a couple (Motley Crue & Sebastian Bach) that were not so fond of being labeled as a hairband because the stigma at the time was that hairbands were a joke and of course they were above that! 

I had all these ID's trapped on a minidisc which was commonly used to store audio back in those days, but the format never took off and I was left with a few minidiscs and nothing to play them back in. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a working minidisc player that I borrowed to finally pull the audio off the minidiscs and on to a workable mp3 file. 

I don't remember talking to all of these guys, but it will bring back some memories if you were along for the ride that was Hammer's House of Hair.

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