My New Years Day Plans

What do Ohio rednecks do on January 1st? They head to Sandusky Speedway's annual Hangover Race where the weather doesn't matter. Actually, the snowier, the better. I plan to take in a pleasant afternoon of racing on Monday. I am hoping for more snow because part of the fun is throwing snowballs at the drivers. The first video below is from one of my favorite races 7 years ago when the 4-cylinder cars took the green flag for their main event and the first half of the field couldn't make the first turn and kept going straight through the grass. I even participated in this event a couple times and nearly froze my nuts off. And of course my Hammer Down Racing Report co-host Ron Miller has won the last 12 main events and is going for 13 in a row this year.

Below is my second attempt at the hangover race. At least I finished.

Last year the weather wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was probably too warm and there is Mr. Miller below picking up his last win.

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