Figure 8 Race Car Driver Gets Tased By Cop On Track

Last weekend at Anderson Speedway in Anderson, Indiana, a couple of figure 8 racers got into it on the front stretch. Jeffery Swinford took exception to getting spun out and proceeded to drive his car on top of the one driven by Shawn Cullen. Cullen seemed none too pleased and got out of his car and started tearing into Swinford who was still in his vehicle perched atop the hood of Cullen's as track officials stood by and watched. Finally, a police officer runs up to the scene and tases Cullen who immediately crumbles down to the ground. Both drivers were arrested.

There is a story floating around that the late famous track promoter Earl Baltes once said at a drivers meeting...'If you fight in the pits, it's a $500 fine and you are barred. But if you fight on the racetrack, it is a $500 bonus'...or something to that effect. 

I wonder if these guys got their bonus.

Anther angle where you can see the punches being thrown.

Local TV news piece.

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