Why I Race

These Dirt Collective guys have put together some pretty dramatic and well produced videos about dirt track racing. The video below is like a trailer for any local dirt track's racing season. While I totally agree with its reasons as to why we race, I think it left some things out. 

Non-race fans may wonder why a bunch of drivers (guys and gals) would gather each week at a local circle of dirt to drive around real fast in circles. To the uninitiated, this is all they will ever see, which is rather unfortunate. Local dirt track racing is kind of hard to describe without experiencing it firsthand. It is a sensory overload from the sounds of the engines to the smell of racing fuel and concession stand food.  It is a community. It is a family. It is a competition. It is work. Most of all, it is a rush unlike anything else for both fans and drivers. In the pits, we are like family. There are those you are close to and others you try to avoid and sometimes disputes may arise only to be settled by fisticuffs. Most of the time though, everyone is willing to throw in a helping hand to any racer in need as I have experienced many times in my short racing career. 

So why do we race? It costs us more money than most of us have. It takes time away from family and other activities to be working on the car throughout the week to get it ready for the next event. There are actually many reasons we race. Like I said before, it is about the rush. The first time I strapped in to a race car and went out on the track, I was hooked. They call it the racing bug. The roar of the engine. The power of that car when you hit the throttle. All contributing factors. Also contributing to that rush is the fans that are there to cheer you on, or even the ones that root against you. There is so much more, but the bottom line is, we do it because we thoroughly enjoy it. I guarantee there isn't one driver out there that would say otherwise. 


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