Road Rage In Toledo

So on my way home from lunch last Saturday, I was getting off 475 NB at Central Avenue at the new single point urban interchange. I eyed a hole to merge with traffic on Central and for some unknown reason, this angry dude in a Dodge Charger decided he was going to speed up and try to close the hole to keep me from merging. I had already started merging at this time so he would have ran into the rear of my vehicle if he continued. So he proceeded to ride about a foot off my rear bumper. Then he seemed to try to be intimidating by zooming around me and nearly side swiping my car. I needed to get over into the left lane for a left turn I was going to make so I followed him into the left lane. Then he decided he was going to jam on his brakes and come to a dead stop in the middle of Central Avenue, forcing me and several drivers behind to take evasive action. After he got done yelling some profanities (I also had a few profanities uttered from my mouth, thus no sound in the video), he took off and swerved between lanes at least one more time before we parted ways. I am not sure what this dude was so angry about, but he probably should seek some anger management before someone gets hurt.



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