Highlander Reboot Will Be Like John Wick With Swords

I am a huge Highlander fan. Loved the original mid-80's movie. Would like to pretend the second movie never existed. The third movie is hardly referenced anymore, but it was OK. Then Highlander The Series took off and I was back on board the Highlander fan train for the duration of this series. By far my favorite show from the 90's. Even the movie which I think was called Highlander Endgame which married together the movie and TV series didn't suck as much as it could. But then the last movie, Highlander The Source was the worst piece of crap ever made and made me embarrassed to have ever been a fan. That was almost 10 years ago and maybe enough time has passed to try to garner new interest into the Highlander franchise with a new movie to reboot the franchise. Lord knows it crashed hard and when your computer crashes, you reboot. 

I am not sure what to expect, but I hope the reboot remains faithful to it roots, exploring what it is like to be immortal and living many lives all the while there are other immortals that want to chop off your head for the quickening. There can be only one. 



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