This Live Action Lego Reenactment Of A "Storrowing" Is So Boston!

It's as much a part of late Summer as corn on the cob. As the students flock to the city, driving in from all over the country, frustrated, tired, sweaty Dads who have no idea how to get to BU or MIT, swing that 12 foot high Ryder rental truck full of hopes and dreams onto Storrow Drive and become another notch on a bridge.

A high truck meeting a low bridge usually results in a can opener effect. As the top of that rental is sheared away and Dad feels his security deposit go with it, we have another, "Storrowing." Drivers stuck behind this will scream, gamblers wager the over/under on how many we'll have each year.

Now, Jesse James Salucci of Belmont and his kids have recreated a "Storrowing" in Legos, GIANT Legos. It's a perfect roof removal and a good way to teach kids to know their truck height at a young age. Check it out!