Metallica and Huey Lewis Mashed Together? It's Just What We Need!

Image: Bill McClintock/YouTube

Take a break from the political world to enjoy some musical art. Bill McClintock has created some masterpieces on YouTube. Mashing Ozzy Osbourne's, "Flying High Again," with Donna Summer's, "Hot Stuff," to create, "Flying Hot Stuff," was genius, but this might be his best so far.

Take Metallica's 1991 hit, "Enter Sandman," and fuse it with Huey Lewis and the News' 1986 pop song, "Hip To Be Square," to create, "Hip To Be The Sandman." And by God, it works! Bill even gave the band a new name, "James Hetfield & the News."

I don't think we'll ever see Metallica perform this live after, "Master of Puppets," but after 2020, anything is possible...Enjoy!