Tiger King Waits For Trump Pardon With A Limo Parked Outside The Prison

Image: Natasha Daly/Twitter

Via nypost.com. One of the final acts of the Trump Presidency could be freeing the man who entertained and horrified millions during the early days of the quarantine.

Joe Exotic, star of the Netflix documentary series, "Tiger King," has been in prison serving a 22 year sentence for trying to hire a hitman to kill rival zookeeper Carole Baskin. Joe's legal team, named "Team Tiger," is so confident that a Presidential Pardon from Donald Trump is coming, they've rented the biggest, gaudiest limo in Texas, some kind of stretch Ram truck, and they've parked it about a half mile from the prison.

According to the nypost.com, once word of a pardon comes through, the driver will pick up the legal team as well as makeup and wardrobe people to make him presentable. Team Tiger spokesman Eric Love said, "we are not going to have any cameras with us. It’s going to be a very private moment. Joe is a very flamboyant person — Joe is a colorful personality. And if you look at someone when they’ve been incarcerated, they don’t look like that when they’re coming out. So Joe’s got to have that platinum done, and well that’s what we got — hair, wardrobe and makeup. We’ve got the best in the business,” he said.

After getting some pizza or a McRib, they say they'll fire off a thank you video to President Trump. When told of the impending pardon, Carole Baskin told Good Morning Britain, ‘I’m not willing to breathe any more oxygen into such an idea as pardoning someone who walked up to five healthy tigers and shot them so he could make space for tigers the circus wanted to board in their cages."

Could the Tiger King run for President in 2024???