Drunk Couple Attempt The "Dirty Dancing" Lift. She wins A Neck Brace!

Via nypost.com. Let this be a warning, alcohol and movie recreations don't mix. We've all been at a wedding where well into the reception some groomsman tries to impress the crowd by doing the Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey lift from "Dirty Dancing" while the DJ plays, "I've Had The Time Of My Life." 9 times out of 10 it goes badly when a combination of alcohol and skipping the gym combine to send someone crashing to the floor.

It happened again, and yes, booze was involved, but she's a dance instructor! Millie Slennett says, “We’d had a few drinks — but I think having some in my system perhaps helped my fall because I was a little bit more relaxed.” First, let me say, she's ok, just sore. The doctors were amazed she didn't break her neck.

Check it out, "I've had, the time of my liiiiiiiiiiiiife..." And enjoy all these spectacular "Dirty" fails.