Kowloon Will Show The Pats Game Sunday Night Drive In Style!

Via whdh.com. The Kowloon is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. "Can we sit near the flaming volcano?"

When indoor dining and movie theaters shut down because of that cursed virus, Kowloon pivoted and opened a drive in movie theater that serves food and drink in their massive parking lot on Route 1 in Saugus. This weekend, they've upped their game again.

The Kowloon announced today that they are going to be showing this Sunday night's Patriots/Seahawks game on their massive 22 feet high, 40 feet wide drive in screen! Not only do you get to watch the game on the big screen, but you can order food and drinks off the menu and they bring it to you car-hop style.

Be careful not to spill your scorpion bowl when Captain Cam Newton runs in a touchdown. Gates open at 7:00pm Sunday and the kickoff is at 8:20pm. To reserve your spot call 781-233-0077 or visit the Kowloon’s website. Go Pats!