Haunted House Pays $20k if You Finish: Day 29 of the 31 Days of Hauntings

This haunted house will actually pay you $20,000 if you make it all the way through. Before you think, yeah I can do that. Think again. To even set foot into this haunted house you need to sign a 40 page waiver. But that's only the beginning. You need to be 21 or older or 18-20 with parents' approval, get a sports physical with a doctor's approval, pass a background check, be screened via FB facetime or phone, proof of medical insurance, sign a detailed 40 page waiver, and pass a drug test. The McKamey Manor more like a torture chamber. It's also not a quick pass through. Some "tours" last 9 hours. Viewer discretion advised. Seriously, don't let your kids see this thing. Check out the waiver below.