Disneyland Brawl in ToonTown


Is Disneyland the happiest place on Earth? Well, it's supposed to be. I guess if you're going to get into a huge family brawl, Disney is the place to do it. I mean, who doesn't want to get tazed by Mickey? Have Goofy call out the K-9 unit and sick Pluto on your ass all to the dulcet sounds of "It's a Small World".

Apparently all the people throwing punches in this video are related, so it wasn't a random brawl. You know this has been building since Thanksgiving. Grandma took the last of the green bean casserole and your sister turned off the Lions game. We've all been there. Looks like the guy in red finally had enough of everyone's s**t and he snapped. This video has it all! Crying children, elderly women getting laid out, bewildered onlookers who can do nothing but hold their phone perfectly still while somebody's family collapses in front of them.

As disturbing as this video is, they forgot the most important thing. The first rule of ToonTown Fight Club is don't talk about Toontown Fight Club.


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