Archer Goes to Bob's Burgers

You probably know that the Archer Bob's Burgers crossover has happened already. Archer had amnesia and ended up moving in with the Belchers. Well, that was one scenario! What about if Archer, Mallory, Pam, Lana, and Cheryl all found themselves in Bob's world? It's pretty damn funny. The greatest thing about this video is that it's fan made! Somebody actually did all of the animation and clipped audio from Bob's Burgers and Archer to isolate lines. In fact, this was done so well the creator was offered a job animating for Bob's Burgers. H. Jon Benjamin voices both Archer and Bob Belcher. Also if you watched "Home Movies", you'll see Coach McGurk walk in front of the restaurant. That's another one of Benjamin's characters. Pretty damn cool.



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