The Dramatic Origin on Cornflakes Courtesy of Drunk History

Cornflakes. When you think of Cornflakes you probably think of a boring cereal, that gets soggy superquick, and also needs tons of sugar and bananas. (Prove me wrong). Cornflakes is more than that! The little cereal that has its origins in Battlecreek, Michigan actually tore a family apart! The Kellogg brothers became estranged all because of a little breakfast cereal. Who knew cereal could be so dramatic? Thanks to Comedy Central's Drunk History, we can learn about history in a fun buzzed way. I love how real life brothers Owen and Luke Wilson play the Kellogg brothers. I really hope they do a segment on Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal next. I need to know why there is so much cannibalism involved in that brand.



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