Hated Replacement Musicians

It's always a bummer when your favorite band loses a member. Sometimes they thrive like AC/DC, Three Days Grace, and Alice in Chains. Other times they bomb like Motley Crue, Van Cherone, and the Dead Kennedys. Apparently we are supposed to "loathe" the replacement musicians in this video. I think William DuVall of Alice in Chains does a great job. He's not trying to replace Layne Staley at all. It's not fair to put Ian Astbury on this list either. He is far from a wannabe. He is a talented musician who has all the respect in the world for The Doors. He became close with Ray Manzarek and was asked to fill in on vocals for a tour. That being said, others are just in over their heads. Who's missing from the list? I don't see Adam Lambert on here!



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