Woman Eats Enormous Lobster By Herself

Imagine living to be 150 years old. No, it's not as bad as you think! You live in the ocean and float around all day and night. Swim and eat, basically just enjoy life. After 150 years you'd think you're pretty safe, right? Not so fast. One day you get stuck in a trap. Next thing you know some gluttonous woman is tearing your body apart and stuffing you into her face for a YouTube video. This woman is known for eating large amounts of food on her YouTube channel. She does "Food Porn". I mean, it's okay to enjoy stuff just don't be a glutton about it! Nobody needs to eat a damn 15 pound lobster by themselves. This is the edited version. The original video is about 45 minutes long. At one point she even says "this would be great for a party", and proceeds to eat the whole thing. I will say one thing, woman sure knows how to clean a lobster out! Also is anyone up for Real Seafood?

Watch this woman eat a huge lobster. Go ahead, it's kind of a freak show.



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