Intense Onstage Tirades

I remember seeing Sponge at the Toledo Sports Arena. Vinnie jumped into the crowd and somebody stole the ring off his finger. He was going to hurt somebody and rightfully so. That was about the only tirade I've ever seen. Some of these are painful to watch. I feel like the little kid who's trying to make mom and dad stop fighting. Although some people are just idiots and deserve to be called out. Paul Stanley goes a little overboard about the laser pointer. Annoying, yes. But stop a show for 10 minutes? Come on. I'm sure my opinion would be changed if it were my eyes getting assaulted by a laser. Courtney Love needs to quit playing the "I'm the only one in the world who can talk about Kurt Cobain" card. She loves that. She also liked to get jabs in at Dave Grohl where ever she could. How about Nickelback? Chad Kroeger deserves getting rocks thrown at him. Aaron Lewis was the best on this list. He stood up for a female concert goer who was being groped by a bunch of a-holes. More rockers need to do this.



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