When Mica calls.

A few weeks ago I was dong an on-air contest where listeners were calling in for a prize.

In the middle of all this came a phone call for a guy named Mica. He didn't call to win a prize. He was just a fan.

Near as I can tell from that first conversation, he's from Slovenia, runs a food cart and he wants to be on the radio with ME.

He seriously keeps working me on doing a show with him as co-host. At first I thought he was kidding. I still do. But he's kept the idea of a "Scott and Mica" theme alive

whenever he calls.

I have no idea if he's serious if if he is truly what he says he is. I have no idea what he looks like. (The pic attached here is just a generic Getty Images)

I do know this, he makes me laugh. Do I keep him calling and putting him on air?

Listen to the latest "When Mica Calls".

-Scott Miller Live



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