Is This Illegal in Ohio?

I wanted to share this video my co-worker Fred Lefebvre from WSPD filmed this morning. There was a traffic jam on Southbound 75 at Collingwood. According to Fred, traffic had been at a stand still for about 10 mins. So cars started going up the entrance ramp in the wrong direction. Now whether you go straight up head first, or back all the way up like this Blade Truck did you are STILL GOING THE WRONG WAY! Am I wrong on this? I guess I'm just sensitive because I got ran off the road twice Saturday. Yes, twice. I had the audacity to turn right at the green light when somebody across from me wanted to turn left. Can you believe it? Then some jackass rolled through a stop sign this morning and almost took me out. So this really makes me angry. Yes it sucks but don't be a dick.



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