This Pisses Me Off!

Maybe if they came with a trophy...

OK, I'm gonna back off a bit on the Millennial society.  It's not their fault.  We raised them.

The article linked below is a story about how Millennials are killing Harley-Davidson and the classic American Motorcycle.

I don't believe it all. But I believe some of it.

Harley-Davidson is and has been the market leader in on road motorcycles for what seems to be 100 years.

Considering the fact that they were founded in 1903, that's completely believable.  

Unfortunately Harley-Davidson and the entire motorcycle industry is taking a beating right now due to the fact that the younger generation is not embracing the hobby or sport or whatever you want to call it.

I've been riding since I was in my single digits.  Mini-bikes, dirt bikes and on road bikes.

I'm a Harley guy.  I've donned the Bar and Shield brand for many years and have owned several Harley's in my time.

I've actually worked for the company at one point in my life and you probably hear me talkin' up our local dealerships in Toledo and Signature Harley-Davidson.

Go on to read the article, but know this.  The pendulum will swing the other way.

There's no way it can go a couple of generations without people re-discovering the freedom, peace of mind, exhilaration of riding a motorcycle on the open road.

There's no way the future will not want to be part of some sense of belonging.  Or to run with a crowd that gives more than it takes.

I'm betting on the future and Harley-Davidson.  

Read the article linked below.  Let it sink in and then throw your leg over a bike and let them know it's not true.


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