Blizzard of 1978


With about 4-10 inches of snow expected Saturday, people are reminiscing about the Blizzard of '78. That storm is legendary! Everyone has a story about the Blizzard of '78. I was 2 1/2 years old. I actually remember parts of it! The National Guard had to come clear our driveway out on Tracy Road.  I'm not saying this weekend's snow will be anything like this. In fact I know it won't be. It just seems like everywhere I go people are reminiscing about the blizzard. I found this gem from 1978. It's the WTOL 11 6pm newscast! Some familiar faces! Jeff Heitz, Joe Ashton. Look at Joe do his report without a green screen!  Skip ahead to 6:18 to see a report from the grocery store. Absolutely nothing has changed! I love how they point out "even the beer shelves are empty". I love you Toledo. 


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