Skulls and Guns Found in Guitarist's Home


Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien's arrest keeps getting stranger and stranger. Last week the guitarist was arrested after entering a nearby home without permission because his was on fire. He was carrying on about the rapture and wouldn't leave. Then O'Brien allegedly charged police with a knife. Meanwhile back at O'Brien's burning house, ammunition was exploding like fireworks. After the fire was out, ATF found a sawed off shotgun, semi automatic weapons, and about 50 other rifles. To make the story even stranger, they also found three skulls. Didn't say what kind of skull, just skulls were found. Wow. This dude is hardcore. The band has said they don't know "how this will effect their upcoming tour with Slayer". Well, safe to say you'll have to find a fill in guitarist boys. 


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