Bezerk for Bagels


This guy went on a rampage after his bagel sandwich wasn't made fast enough. I have to say, I love bagels. If I am stuck with the sweet bagels on "bagel day" here I go on a rampage myself. But this guy is just confusing. He keeps yelling how he wants his"cinnamon toast raisin bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese NOW". Why tf is he so excited for a savory sandwich with a RAISIN BAGEL?? What kind of monster is this guy? He's the worst of the worst. Pineapple on pizza? Those people are frigging saints compared to this demon from hell. Raisin bagel?? Oh, also he tore apart a deli and abused a clerk but dude's fine.  Guy deserves to be hit by a bus with his damn raisin bagel. 


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