Detroit Legends: Sponge

This week's Band You Should Know is Detroit's very own Sponge. Chances are you've heard of Sponge. They tore up the airwaves in the 90's with songs like 'Plowed', and 'Molly'. Guess what? They never left. Vinnie and the rest of the band never stopped touring or releasing records! Their 8th studio album 'The Beer Sessions' was released back in 2016. The album contains 9 blistering songs. It's what we have needed all along. Get reacquainted with Sponge. They never left, and they haven't lost their edge. Check out Sponge live in Toledo this Saturday Feb 3rd at the Civic Music Hall. The Civic Music Hall is at 135 South Byrne Road. Tix $10 in advance. Worth it!