Happy 30th Birthday, Hysteria

Def Leppard's Hysteria was probably one of the most influential albums from my childhood and it was released 30 years ago today (Aug. 3, 1987). I still remember the first time I ever heard "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and being blown away. I had always been a fan of pop rock as a kid in the 80's. My only access to music was radio as my parents were too cheap to have cable so I had no MTV. So this album was really what focused me more into the harder rock music. I had been a fan of Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister after their pop success earlier, but this album is what propelled me to dive deeper into the genre and really helped shape my musical tastes for decades to come. I remember listening to the Hysteria cassette tape in my Walkman over and over again, especially on family trips which we seemed to take a lot of back then. I still have that cassette, but it got pretty worn out after countless listens. So, happy birthday Hysteria!

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