Ohio Governor John Kasich yesterday signed the state's first bill opposing electronic cigarettes.  The bill was designed to keep eCigs away from minors.  Minors are now prohibited from obtaining, possessing, and using electronic cigarette products under the age of 18.

Another controversial measure under the bill signed by Kasich is that eCigs are designated as "alternative nicotine products," rather than "tobacco-derived products."  The Ohio State Medical Association is concerned this new category might exempt the products from taxation laws regulating tobacco.

US Senator Sherrod Brown has proposed advertising restrictions to prohibit eCig manufacturers from marketing their products towards children.  We'll talk with Senator Brown about eCigs this afternoon on The Scott Show.  (Check back for podcast following interview.)

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Do you think eCigs should be prohibited the same as other tobacco products?  Or, should you be able to smoke an electronic cigarette in public and your workplace?  Do you have a problem with eCigs?  

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