A man fleeing from an arrest warrant led police on a 70-mile rush-hour chase through the Denver area Wednesday morning. Ryan Stone, 28, has a rap sheet dating back to 2003 and another warrant for his arrest has been issued after he walked out of a court hearing on March 4. He stole an SUV with a 4-year-old boy in the backseat from a gas station. After hitting a van while trying to get on the highway, Stone hijacked that vehicle and continued on. The child was found unharmed. A state trooped was injured when Stone hit him to avoid the spike strips the officer had just set down to try and stop his vehicle. Stone later hit another car, forcing the driver out and continuing his flight from police. He finally hit multiple vehicles after running a red light and was arrested while trying to flee on foot. Stone was taken to the hospital and treated for a possible drug overdose. He faces multiple charges on top of the previous charges he was trying to run from.