WNWO-TV's Sports Anchors Will Kunkel and Tori Carmen hung out with The Scott Show this afternoon.  After we finished talking #MarchMadness and #BracketBusters, I put Will on the spot ... and on the dance floor.

I read this article <click here> that says "Want to be a good dancer? It's all in the neck and knee: Men who move their head and right leg are seen as more attractive (according to the ladies). 

Also, scroll down to listen to Tourney picks from Will, Tori, Norm Van Ess, Jim Blue, Angi Gonzalez, Shaggy, & Lunchbox.

  • Researchers filmed men aged 18 to 35 as they danced to music
  • Their individual movements were mapped onto a blank background
  • A total of 35 women were asked to rate each dancer on a scale of one to 10
  • Males were turned into avatars so women could only judge movements
  • Study found good dancers made large movements with the neck and trunk
  • They also made varied movements with their wrists and left shoulders, as well as fast movements with their right knees
  • These movements may be 'signals of a man’s reproductive quality'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2582565/Want-good-dancer-Its-neck-knee-Men-head-right-leg-seen-attractive.html#ixzz2wRursGS8
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