I lost my little brother on July 29th. I don't want to go into details yet but someday I will. He was my beautiful baby brother. My 6'3 33 year old "baby" brother who was 6'5 with his mohawk. I was proud of everything he was. I don't quite know how to proceed with the rest of my life without him in it. In the days after he left us I had to step up and get into "big sister" mode. I penned his obituary, made sure his mohawk was perfect for his viewing, and my final duty was carrying his ashes into my parent's house. If you have siblings be sure to tell them you love them. Even if they piss you off always tell them you love them. My brother knew I loved him. I told him every time I spoke to him. Doesn't make the pain any easier, but at least he knew. 

RIP my sweet, sweet Matthew. Your big sis loves you.