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Van Halen has a new album in the works. 

An indirect update on the band's studio project comes from guitarist Mark Tremonti. In a new interview he says that his next album could be delayed because Wolfgang Van Halen -- who's the bassist in Mark's band -- is doing "a lot of work with Van Halen right now."  

Mark adds that having an inside connection to Van Halen doesn't mean he has any special knowledge about the band's new music.  He says Wolfgang never says anything specific about what he's doing with Van Halen, but just tells him it "sounds great." 

Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth recently said in a radio interview that he and Eddie Van Halen started to "put music together" late last year.  He added that it would likely take "about 18 months" for the band to finish the album. 

Van Halen's last album, A Different Kind of Truth, arrived two years ago.  It was the band's first full studio set with Roth since the 1984 album. 

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