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Rob Zombie wants to make it clear that he doesn't have anything against skaters or children in general. 

The rocker offered the clarifying statement on Facebook in response to stories about the noise complaint he and his wife made about a skate park near their home in Woodbury, Connecticut. 

Zombie calls it a "simple matter" that they're trying to solve in a way that will make everybody happy.  He adds that it's a "bummer" the whole thing has turned into an "ugly event" thanks to what he calls "really crazy articles." 

According to "The Hartford Courant," the Zombies first brought up the noise issue back in June at a budget meeting.  The park has since reduced its hours and the town has installed more than $3,000 worth of soundproofing.  A Woodbury official says the town is looking into adding more soundproofing, or possibly relocating the park. 

Some of the kids who use the skate park and their parents have started a campaign asking Rob Zombie and his fans to donate money to help make the necessary changes. 

They've posted a video at, where anyone interested can also make a contribution. 

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