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FPS violence abounds as we are taken through new combat arenas with deadly options! We also enjoy a new gun that plays for both teams and take part in a new chapter of alien carnage!

The rundown follow:

Ruins: A Mayan temple plays host to bloody battles with plenty of multi-level corners and perches to fire down pain. The field orders include an explosive volcano and the much anticipated Predator movie monster from the Schwarzenegger classic. His chirps and eventual demise call back for fans and leave a lasting effect on the players and the scoreboard.

Behemoth: Behemoth or as we call it "The corridor of death!" is a fun multi-level map that gives you many more options than you would think. The right amount of corners and cover give this map the speed revenge we so need! Field order includes a chopper gunner option to rain down bulletee-death! Our favorite new map!

Collision: A run and gun map with possibly too many locations for campers, this cargo ship disaster leaves you with many blind corners or many surprising options if paired with good team play. Field order for this map includes a strafing run that is fun, but our least favorite of the new maps.

Unearthed: a polished off and upgraded "Dome" map that COD: Modern Warfare 3 fans will recognize pretty quickly. Good for a fast paced game or defending a location, expect a lot of spent clips. Field order for this map pulls from the "Extinct" world as you call in deadly homing aliens that want to coddle and explode on your enemies.

Also included in the pack is a new and versatile SMG/Assault rifle weapon named the "Ripper!" Our new favorite weapon that gives us options without giving up speed. And for those waiting to inch closer to alien elimination, we get an update in the form of Extinction: Episode 2 - Mayday.

Date: Out Now (May 8,2014)
Price: $15

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