COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSPD) -- The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police has done something they haven't done in recent memory - endorse the challenger of a sitting attorney general.

The group, which represents 25,000 active and retired law enforcement officers, endorsed Democrat David Pepper over Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine.

"I've been on the board of the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio for 15 years and been involved for 20 and it hasn't happened in my memory," said Ohio FOP President Jay McDonald.

Pepper earned more than 60 percent of the votes from the 313 delegates attending the 80th annual conference in Dublin.

Senate Bill 5, which would have put restrictions on collective bargaining by public employees and was overturned by voters in 2011, along with cuts to local government funds were the top issues, according to McDonald.

The group endorsed a total of four Democrats and three Republicans:

Auditor: John Patrick Carney

Attorney General: David Pepper

Secretary of State: John Husted

Treasurer: Connie Pillich

Supreme Court: Judi French and Sharon Kennedy 

"Each person was measured on their merits and not on their political party," said McDonald.